Puerto Rican singer Dvila is set to release his new song “La Hora” on Friday, August 20th. His inspiration to create songs begins with a beat,  then the muse of creativity appears and begins the process of creating melody. Pre-Save the song now!

Nestor Davila, known artistically as DVILA was born in 1992 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and grew up in the municipality of Carolina where he has lived all his life. He grew up loving music and he believes that music chose him and not the other way around. At a young age, he realized that he had a natural gift for hearing rhythms, out of tune moments, cadences and the harmony of voices.

He attributes that innate attraction to creating music to the musical legacy that he carries genetically for generations on both sides of his family. DVILA grew up listening to his father play piano in the living room of the house, his mother sang, her grandfather was a guitar teacher; and it was only natural that he enjoyed developing his own musical talents.