Bernier Breaks Through the Music Scene with Electrifying Single “DVD”


Miami, Florida | October 27th, 2023, | The music industry buzzes with excitement as “DVD”, the fresh promotional single by the game-changing artist, Bernier, drops with fervor.

On a trajectory towards stardom, Bernier collaborates with the esteemed record label, AP Global, introducing a spirited musical gem. The track “DVD” masterfully intertwines the heart of Latin Urban with an irresistibly potent beat – a concoction set to captivate audiences universally. The creative brilliance of Goldi and Fly Twilight Zone is the force behind this sonic masterpiece, delivering a rhythm that resonates deeply, enticing both the heart and feet.

And the allure doesn’t end with the audio. The visual spectacle accompanying “DVD” stands as a testament to its grandeur. Crafted under the visionary eye of Gustavo Camacho from Mastermind Films, the music video is a sensory delight, brimming with sensuality and fervor. With the vibrant backdrop of Miami, Florida, the video encapsulates the essence of “DVD”, offering an immersive audio-visual experience that’s truly intoxicating.

“I’m overwhelmed with happiness, confidence, and anticipation surrounding this release. Joining the AP Global family has been exhilarating, and the journey ahead promises to be thrilling,” expressed Bernier.

With “DVD”, Bernier not only gifts the world a single but firmly stakes his claim in the competitive musical arena. The challenge now lies with the listeners: try and resist the urge to play “DVD” on repeat if you can.