Mari “La Carajita” Teams Up with Akapellah for the Explosive New Single “Naiky”


Miami, Florida | November 9th, 2023 | In a move set to shake the foundations of urban music, Mari “La Carajita,” the fresh female sensation of the genre from Venezuela, has released a promotional single in collaboration with the renowned Venezuelan rapper and freestyler, Akapellah. This release marks a milestone in Mari’s career, steering towards the international stage of her artistic journey.

The single, titled “Naiky,” boldly blends salsa rhythms with the sharp edge of rap and urban melodies, crafting a savvy composition with an irresistibly infectious beat. The musical gem has been produced by IVDA, who skillfully interwove the track’s diverse influences.

Naiky” debuts alongside its official video, shot against the vibrant and charming backdrop of Caracas’ streets. Directed by the creative eye of Jaen and produced by Neighborhood Dreams, the video visually encapsulates the song’s essence.

Mari, hailing from Cumaná, Venezuela has been a driving force in the industry, infusing Venezuelan identity into every note and lyric. With previous hits like “Cuchi,” topping the Spotify Charts in Venezuela and climbing in the Dominican Republic, Mari has captured attention on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Her singles “MALANDRA” and “YO SOY ARTISTA, NO TU MAMÁ” have resonated with Venezuelan daily life, bridging genres and diving into music’s roots to create pieces that are both reflections of her culture and windows to new sonic horizons.

The collaboration with Akapellah is not just a meeting of talents but also a reflection of the synergy and vibrancy present in today’s urban music scene. With “Naiky,” Mari “La Carajita” and Akapellah are not only setting a new precedent in their careers but are also redefining what Venezuelan urban music means to the world.

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