Osman: “Cartagena’s voice” Unveils Debut Single “Cupido”


Miami, Florida |November 3RD, 2023| Emerging from the vibrant heart of Cartagena, Osman José Córdoba Orozco, artistically hailed as “Osman,” proudly presents his debut single, “Cupido.” As a fresh voice echoing the rich legacy and burgeoning talent of Cartagena, this release signifies a groundbreaking step in the music scene.

Crafted with the soul by Osman himself and sculpted to perfection by producers Milo Beat and JonyLams, “Cupido” offers listeners a unique blend of Argentinian cumbia and urban vibes, all underscored by Osman’s signature Afro-Caribbean vocal tone. At its core, the track delves deep into self-love, heralding Cupid’s arrows as a means to champion the art of self-appreciation above all else.

And there’s more than just the audio to captivate the senses. The accompanying music video, now streaming on all major platforms, was an exhilarating venture for Osman. Filmed amidst the pulsating backdrop of Medellín over two intense days, the video, meticulously directed by Gabriell Graffer and Afrolatino, beautifully juxtaposes dramatic sequences with vivid portrayals of the song’s poignant emotions.

Behind the scenes of “Cupido” stands a team defined by dedication and artistry. AP Global Music, renowned for their unwavering commitment to their roster, have been instrumental in curating and launching this masterpiece.

Osman, whose love affair with music was ignited amidst Cartagena’s musical tapestry, views his fans as an extended family. Through his melodies and lyrics, he extends an open invitation for all to get acquainted with the dreamer behind the spotlight.

With “Cupido,” Osman offers just a taste of the musical prowess he’s set to unleash. Anchored by clear goals and a relentless spirit, this release heralds the beginning of a journey destined for global stages and collaborations with the world’s musical elite.

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